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Pergolas Sunset®

Bioclimatic Pergolas


Installation of bioclimatic pergolas, panels, and solar, in all of spain: Málaga, Marbella, Torrox, Estepona, Cádiz, Granada, Valladolid, León, Soria and Madrid.

Welcome to Pergolas Sunset. The variety of our pergolas can transform any space, providing you with comfort and protection against climatic changes all year round.

Our Bioclimatic Pergolas are the perfect combination between their highly robust aluminum profiles, able to channel and evacuate rainwater, and the versatility of the movement of their slats, which allow you to structure your outdoor space to your liking.

You can combine your pergola with its accessories such as windbreaks, glass curtains, LED outdoor lights, infrared heating, audio system, rain or wind sensor, you can create a new space in your home or work.

Pérgolas Sunset®

Specialists in Bioclimatic Pergolas, Retractable Pergolas, and Solar Pergolas.

Sunset Gold Bioclimatic Pergolasprovide a clean aesthetic in their lines and with great versatility in the movement of their slats that rotate from 0 to 135º. They cover up to 35m2 in a single module or panel and their materials are of great elegance and quality, without visible screws.

Sunset Blue Bioclimatic Pergolashave a robust and elegant aesthetic, providing high-quality materials that are respectful with the environment, since all their materials are 100% recyclable. They also cover up to 27m² in a single module or panel.

Advantages of Bioclimatic Sunset Pergolas

Directed Lighting

Thanks to the rotation of the slats by remote control, we can direct the slats so that the sunlight gradually radiates to us according to our needs.

Controlled Ventilation

Through the controlled opening of the slats we can allow more or less air to enter the room.

Thermal Insulation

The double aluminum layer of the slats with an intermediate air chamber, allows the room to be warmer in winter than outdoors and vice versa in summer.

Sun & Rain Protection

Thanks to the movement of the slats we can protect ourselves from the strongest solar rays in summer, as well as from rain in winter.

Noise Reduction

Due to the intermediate air chamber and the total seal of the when closed, our pergolas reduce the external sound, making our room a quieter place to relax.

Water Collection

With the channeling of rainwater through the structure and its drainage system through its support posts, the rainwater can be re-used, as irrigation for your plants or any other use.

Watertight Security

Our pergolas have a guarantee of being totally watertight thanks to their slat end rubbers when closed, and the double motor which makes the closed louvres tighter, making our system very secure against rainwater.